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1. Don't be a dick.
     - This is the most important rule. If you aren't here to have fun and just want to insult people, or curse them out for not accepting your trade request then you'll have to go. This constitutes your warning. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

2. No politics.
     - Feels silly to make a rule about this, but it feels necessary. Please keep your political views to yourself, and stick to football. Any political statements will be deleted from the server no matter if I agree with you or not.

3. Season check-in:
     - There's nothing worse than the league getting ghosted on draft day. To prevent this, there will be a check-in thread for each season on Discord. Owners have 72 hours to check-in. Any owner that fails to check in will lose their team, and a replacement will be sought.

4. Trades
     - The commissioner will put any trade up for a league vote if it looks too one-sided. Majority vote from league owners will veto the trade.
     - All trades must be confirmed by both owners before the trade is processed.
     - Trade deadline is Week 8. No trades will be processed for the current season after this week has been simulated.
     - Draft picks can be included in trades. Pick must be within the next 2 years (No trading 1980 draft picks in the middle of the 1973 season).
     - Teams can only trade away/acquire 5 players per season. For example if a team trades away 3 players and acquires 2 in a single trade that is their max for the season.

5. Rosters
      - This league does not use contracts/salary cap. Once you draft a player they are yours until they retire or you drop /trade them.
      - Position Minimums: Teams must maintain the following number of players, or games will not be simulated. Trades that would take a team below mins can't be processed.
         QB: 15 ATT
         RB/WR/TE: 2 active per game
         K with at least 20 FG ATT
         P with at least 30 ATT
         KR with at least 40 ATT
         PR with at least 30 ATT
         OL: 7 (1 C + 2 G + 2 T +2 OL)
         DL: 5 (2 DE + 2 DT +1 DL)
         DB:5 (2 CB + 2 S + 1 DB)
      - Position Maximums are in effect. Players with injuries, or needed to meet KR/PR minimums do not count toward the position max.
          QB: 1
          RB: 6
          WR: 5
          TE: 2
          K - 1
          P - 1
          OL - 12
          DL - 8
          LB - 8
          DB - 8
       - Players can change positions in the following way (changing positions may require ratings to be recalculated):
          O-linemen can be moved to any OL position
          D-linemen can move to any DL position
          DBs can be moved to any position in the secondary

6. Game Options:
     - Home Field Advantage: OFF
     - Require FB in 2 RB Sets: OFF
     - Strength of Schedule: OFF

     - League rules will reflect the NFL rules from that season
     - All other gameplay options are on their default setting.

7. Expansion Drafts
     - This league will expand on the same timeline as the NFL. Owners will be allowed to protect 35 players, all others will go into the expansion draft pool.
     - Expansion years:
        1976: Salt Lake Stallions/Portland Breakers
        1995: Orlando Rage/Jacksonville Bulls
        1999: Cologne Centurions
        2002: Birmingham Stallions

8. Strike Seasons:
      - 1982 Season will be an 8 game regular season with a 16 team playoff. Trade Deadline will be Week 4.
      - 1987 Season will be a 12 game regular season with a normal playoff. Trade deadline is Week 6.

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